Case Study #3

//Case Study #3
Case Study #3 2019-03-30T03:13:35-04:00

Project Description

Industry: Insurance Services

Project Brief:

Client is an established local insurance service and they were looking to grow the business using digital marketing techniques. Client got most of their business from offline channels and had no presence online. Client knew the advantages of digital marketing and knew it was not a fast process and they needed our help.

The Challenge

Client wanted us to take care of all their digital marketing. With a medium-end budget, we decided to allocate 60% for advertisement and 40% for SEO.

The Solution

We designed plans for both SEO and paid advertisement campaigns.  Client had a strong domain for SEO so it was easy for us (as experts) to produce results. The paid advertisement campaigns started off expensive at first but as we acquired more data, we were able to bring the cost down to a below industry average cost.


SEO: Website impressions increased significantly after we started our work (red arrow).

Paid ads: Using A/B testing and audience optimization, we managed to get a low ad cost AND a high landing page conversion rate


Generated ROI: 4x-5x



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